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Full Time Hires

Our Full-Time solutions are backed by the right blend of experience and expertise. Over the years we have been able to provide the best of talent to our clients across industries. Our team comprises of experienced people who have been segregated functionally which in-turn has been a key factor for our solutions being provided in a short turn-around time.

Executive Search

The Leadership team of any organization is as important as its other functional teams. So hiring the right talent at that level becomes as important even more critical. We at Bask employ specific head-hunting techniques for handling such requirements. Our networking ability has resulted in some of the top level names being added to our database.

Linguistic Hiring

Foreign Language hiring also known as International language hiring is one our other forte. With globalization of business, the need for transactional knowledge of languages has become essential. At Bask, we have been able to help companies across geographies (Both in India and abroad) with their various language hiring campaigns.

Temporary Hire

Our temporary hires are skill- based professionals who cater to our client's requirement for a specific period of time. Our constant endeavor for keeping up with the industry practices has acquainted us with the idea of time-to-market which in-turn has helped us provide cost-effective solutions.

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