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Linguistic hiring

Exchange and understanding of Ideas, culture, tradition and customs has given a wide opportunity for employment irrespective of their caste and creed. Translating or helping one understand the process in their language gives a feeling of belongingness. We help to bridge the gap in growing needs of multi-language at national and international level - Advertisements, IT Sector, Public Engagement, aviation, hospitality, tourism, and BPO sector. With organizations expanding globally, they stand in need of skilled professionals who can transcend languages and cultural barriers and enable smooth and successful business transactions.

    • Expertise; Mandarin Language Expert
    •  Spanish Language Expert
    • Korean Language Expert
    • German Language Expert
    •  Italian Language Expert
    • French Language Expert
    • Arabic Language Expert
    • Cantonese Language Expert
    • Japanese Language Expert




Bask Hr has been sourcing candidates for many years with various language skills for us and we maintain an excellent working relationship with them. They always put forth only candidates who match our requirements closely. I would recommend them as a highly enthusiastic team and a highly valuable recruitment partner.

Anosh Nadeem

Senior Manager Human Resources (Aegis Ltd)